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n. (var. non-follow-thru-er). Someone who does not "follow-through" with his or her words or promises. Typically an "idea" person so wrapped up in his/her ideas that s/he does not take the time to actually execute one. Also, someone who is "flakey."
My frustration with non-profit organizations is that they attract non-follow-through-er (s) who spend all day concocting ideas for change, and fractionally less time towards implementing those ideas.
by sawaha August 06, 2008
v. The process of transforming an ordinary event into a spectacle, to attach an extravagancy otherwise not present in such an event.

Also: Spectaculization
The following is an example of how Combs-Schilling spectaculize (s) rituals to justify their importance in the political and social realities of Moroccan society:
Here in this spectacular palace, where the truth of the universe was celebrated, the population was physically reminded that if all would enter and sit in proper rank around the reigning, blood-descendant caliph, all would receive God’s truth and earthly pleasure (162).

by sawaha August 06, 2008

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