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A shithole where dreams are ripped away and hopes are shattered. Everyday is hell, and you're more likely to become "Emo" or some strange variation of the term. Middle school is the non-conformists paradise because everyone is trying to be different from evryone else. Also, you're likely to get gang raped or have the shit beaten out of you. You also have your self esteem beat to shit for being overweight or smarter than everyone else.
"Fuck man, Middle School sucked for me." says Bobby
"Shut the fuck up you dumb cunt. Middle school fucking sucked for everyone." says Timmy
by Savanna Banana June 24, 2009
American Apparel is a horrible cock sucking brand that most teeny boppers sport to the movies or malls. They have whores for models and often show half naked chicks in sheer one pieces that no normal person would ever dream about wearing in public. Unfortunetly we have an entire generation of sluts and fags trying to pull off that same sheer one piece, without jeans, or a hoodie, or anything to coverup the disgusting horridness that is their unusually developed bodies. The world would be an amazing place if all the American Apparel factories were shut down.
American Apparel, and their leigion of followers can go shove their hideous clothes up an elephants rectum, then pull it back out and try to wear that into public. (Actually they probably would do that; disgusting freaks.)
by savanna banana June 24, 2009

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