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a younger girl who engages in relations with boys/younger men for little to no satisfaction except to gain drugs and/or alcohol
Dude #1: What did you do last night
Dude #2: That weed whore, miss x. I had a joint and a rubber, and that's all I needed
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
a promiscuous man
Girl #1: That guy down at the bar just looked at U girlfriend!

Girl #2: That's because he's a manho! He'll look at U next!
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
a shopping cart that is filled with rocks or other heavy material and then hurled, with disastrous effects to what it hits
we busted open the front door of a supermarket with a rocket sled
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
A person who, albeit a good person, is not desired sexually(Nice girl/guy but...)
Dude #1:U hook up with my sister's friend yet?

Dude #2:Yeah, but she's just an NGB
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
to cheat, hustle, con, usually about money or drugs
he stinged me out of a bag of weed
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
to steal christmas/holiday lawn decorations, with ill-willed intent, usually done with a car
we grinched these lights, and then made a bong out of a baby Jesus we stole while we were grinching
by satanhitler November 29, 2003

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