51 definitions by satan

A person (generally under 21) who is prone to excessive drinking
"That girl is such a lush"
by satan July 24, 2004
1. Person of caucasian decent imitating aspects of rastafarian religion whilst not holding beliefs. Much like term 'wigger'.
2. Name of white reggae/ punk band.
That white boy says he's a rasta but doesn't care for jah, what a wasta.
by satan June 15, 2004
Slovenian for "fish". Commonly used in relation to mothers.
Tvoia mama ye riba!

(Your mother is a fish).
by Satan January 23, 2004
"(" or ")"
"That which is put in parenthisis can (not) be ignored"
by Satan December 16, 2002
a person of Russian origin; one who drinks large amounts of vodka.
korbachov of however you spell it
by satan February 23, 2005
The nickname of God.
Toola is the nickname of God.
by Satan May 10, 2004
Consider the following: Earth.
Your not living in heaven.
Life on earth is hurtful, mean, tormenting.
by Satan February 11, 2005

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