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A turkish guy who looks and acts like an Asian.
Omer is a trustworthy person, you can always count on him.

Omer isn't the brightest person, his dumb actions always let the people around him laugh.
But Omer is one of the worst drivers there is.
Hahahaha @ omer baskan
Omer which part of asia are you from.
Omer watch out!
by saruu September 20, 2013
Great turkish guy, who loves clubbing, games and hanging out.

Okan is a Jack of all Trades: good at everything, but not a professional.

He's can't get drunk easily, he drinks like a beast.
There goes Okan Tekin again.
Did Okan break something again?
Okan is such a great guy.
by saruu September 20, 2013

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