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erectus an upright man with two legs
wangus; his third.

aka. a green male dinosaur who has spikes along his backbone, badass tattooed on his ass and a huge wang.
male drops his pants.
female stares at wangus erectus.
by sarahmae September 15, 2007
a MAJOR pain in the ass.
i.e someone who doesn't understand that you really don't like them or care about what they are talking about and insists on cramping your style.
sarah: ...and then i looked at him and he looked at me and we just stared at each other and then he smiled and i smiled back and i looked away because i was starting to get embarrassed and then looked back and he was still looking and like...
aisah: *tries to write her lj entry* CAN YOU STOP BEING AN ASSBERRY FOR JUST ONE SECOND ?!
by sarahmae September 15, 2007
a fangbanger engaging in a threesome with at least two vampires thus making a sanga.

fang - vampire
bang - sex
sang - sandwich
Imagine a fangbangsang with you as the filling and Bill Compton and Eric Northman as the bread. (or your choice of vampires e.g: Edward Cullen, etc.)

I imagine a fangbangsang to be quite delicious.
by sarahmae October 18, 2009
feet that have a really foul odour.
*sarah takes off her shoes and socks after going for a run*
aisah: EWW~ put away the parmesan !
by sarahmae September 15, 2007

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