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6 man band which falls under the category of "crunkcore". Hollywood Undead was formed in 2005 by Aron Erlichman and Jorel Decker after the writing of the song "The Kids". After gaining Myspace popularity, they recruited Jeff Philips, George Ragan, Jordon Terrell, Dylan Alvarez, and Matthew St. Claire into the band. After two years, Shady Jeff left the band. After 5 years of making music, HU has gained a large audience of fans, as well as a large audience of critics. Some describe their music as funny&truly heartfelt, while some describe their music as distasteful&crude. Songs from HU have been featured in video games and movies. However you choose to describe this band, one thing is for certain: they have come a long way. HU has taken a liking to calling their avid following of fans their "army". As in the term "Undead Army". Individuals usually use the terms "HU Soldier", "Undead Soldier", or just "soldier". An ironic term used by the band and its following happens to be "Undead until I die".
Current Members:
-Charlie Scene: vocals, lead guitar (2005-present)
-Da Kurlzz: vocals, drums, percussion (2005-present)
-Deuce: vocals, producer, lyrics (2005-present)
-Funny Man: vocals (2005-present)
-J-Dog: vocals, keyboard, synthesizer, rhythm guitar (2005-present)
-Johnny 3 Tears: vocals (2005-present)
Touring Members:
-Daniel Murillo: vocals (2009-present)
-Biscuitz: drums (2008-present)
Former Members:
-Shady Jeff: vocals, band manager (2005-2007)
Have you heard of that band, Hollywood Undead? Yeah, you should totally listen to them. I mean, everything by them, not just mainstream nonsense.
by sarahlou_4775 March 21, 2010

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