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Refers to the tick-tock sound made by a clock as time passes.

The phenomenon that occurs when the posting of numerous, almost-identical definitions for the same word/phrase result in the act of searching for a definition on UD becoming a waste of your time.

A result of egotistical narcissists, who believe that everyone should stop and take the time to read to their unoriginal opinion.
Urban ticktionary:
Pretty much any widely-searched/widely-used phrase on this site.
For example:
by sarahh=) October 18, 2009

A portmanteau of genius and gorgeous. Used to describe someone who is 'the package'.
Person 1: You look beautiful today.
Person 2: Thanks! You look good too.
Person 1: And, I heard you got full marks on your math exam. No doubt about it, you're geniorgeous.
by sarahh=) May 24, 2010
When, on overweight people, the inner hem on a pair of short shorts is pulled up by the fat between the thighs when walking, resulting in an aesthetically distasteful triangle-shape.
girl #1: Did you SEE slip up on that girl? those cute short shorts are totally wasted on her.

girl#2: She should wear capris or something.

by sarahh=) September 29, 2007
Failure to abstain from sex after a vow of celibacy. Pioneered by celebrities who announce celibacy, and then proceed to break this vow soon after.
Person 1: "What happened to Paris Hilton's 1 year without sex?"

Person 2: "She went celebate"

Person 1: "Fair enough"
by sarahh=) November 15, 2009

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