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2 definitions by sarahalyse

When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.
"I love punk bands like Green Day!"
"Ugh, they're not even punk. They totally sold out."

"Oh man, I love Harry Potter. I am such a geek!"
"Hardly. Talk to me when you're into theoretical physics."

"Erika Moen is my favorite queer cartoonist."
"She's not queer, she married a man!"
"Quit your gatekeeping. No one died and made you Queen of the Gays!"
by sarahalyse March 02, 2012
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A portmanteau of "ridiculous" and "loud." Means exactly what it sounds like.
Man, have you been to Mr. Spot's on a Friday night? They let these crappy electronic 'musicians' play. It's ridiculoud.
by SarahAlyse July 17, 2009
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