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A girl who dresses and acts like a cheerleader/slut, hence the name combination. She will usually be snotty and dressed preppily, and her rudeness will usually be over a guy you both like. Or, she just decides she doesn't like you for no real reason.
The cheerslut dresses like she came out of a Gap ad.
The cheerslut ran up to him as soon as she saw him but he blew her off to talk to me.
by Sarah86 January 12, 2006
Something that has been taken over by stupid lazy rich kids who only use it to get smashed and try and look "cool." It was widely used in the 60s by singers and artists, but now is so widespread that anyone can get it and that makes me sad. In my city, it is all the rich kids who smoke it, because they like to get smashed all the time. And hey--if you fail a course, their doctor father will bail them out.
The girls and guys in my dorm who attended private school smoke weed because they think they're super cool, when in reality, they are annoying racist capatalist posers.
by sarah86 March 22, 2007
Bob Dylan, aka Robert Zimmerman, is easily the best musican on the planet. Heavily influenced by folk singer Woody Guthrie, he has made a name for himself as probably THE best songwriter of all time. He has written hundreds of songs, each one completely relevant to our lives. Also, he is easily the most humble celebrity, but considering his immense talent, even if he were arrogant, we would all put up with it because he is that good. Dylan's music is passionate, heart wrenching, joyful, spiritual and dark. He was also friends with cool people like Allan Ginsberg and the Beatles. Sung Blowin in the Wind to Pope John Paul II.
How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?

Bob Dylan is better than John Lennon.
by Sarah86 January 15, 2006

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