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a place where all the mafiaa people from brooklynn go to livee then decide to move to jersey. the accents are annoyingg and everyone owns a northface jacket.. the boys got to the salon (eyebrows waxed and tanning) and so do the girls. everyone on the south shore is a prostitute in training with a bellybutton ring. the southshore girls go to St. joseph sea. cheerleading and basesball are major sports here. if you lived here for about 6 months you probably gotten the finger at least 6 times. everyone is republican and drives like an asshole. everyone has italians blood in them and you probably knoe at least 7 mikes 2 angelos and 10 joeys. all the boyss act like wiggers and make up stupidd gangss. i knoe this cause i live here. in bay terris. EvErY1 tAlKs lYkEs dIsSs Onn dAa cOmPuTeRrR and smell like shitt. the island only smells by arther kill roadd.
staten island smell like crap.
by sarah daniella August 26, 2006

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