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A very good brand of cigarettes, just short of the worlds best "treasurer"
man, that dunhill was good
by sanyika January 09, 2004
A usually young person that gets a car that was never built to go fast (civic, focus, camry, accord.....), but says he can beat the he|| out of anyone, just cause he has intake and exhaust...He will also add stickers that say something he doesnt have, or "tuned by ...." even though they never actualy touched his car, except sold him an intake or something...What is NOT a ricer, or ricer car, is built SPORTS CARS like : A type-R, rx-7, Supra, Awd Dsm, Wrx, all the nismo cars..etc..u get my point..
I hate Ricers!!!
by Sanyika October 27, 2003
Another way of saying cock, boner, dick, chub or wang....
I got the skank and shoved my huge hungarian tubestick down her mouth..
by Sanyika August 31, 2003
A Ford Mustang (and "poonstang",)because most of them are driven either by: cocky teens who didnt pay for them, girls that have them...but only the POON V6 version, or by some older man that is too scared to actually race it. ALTHOUGH I respect the people that actually buy a classic, or a new cobra or saleen, and actually build it, and race it.. But to all the slow fags out there...like in 909..."Dsm Boost Ownz J00!!!!!
Hey man, my AWD Eagle Talon tore that "Poonstangs" snatch wide open!!
by Sanyika October 27, 2003

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