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A game played among friends when the heights of joblessness is reached. The opponent points out a target. The player then positions the torch on his shoulder (like a bazooka) in the switched off mode, and switches on the torch. If the beam of light, hits the target, 1 point to the player. Then the opponent has his go with the torch
Player 1: "C'mon man, let's play torch bazooka"

Player 2: "K, give me a target"

Player 1: "That tree behind the gate"

Player 2: Positions the torch on the shoulder and switches on the torch. The beam hits the tree. "Woo hoo, got it"

Player 1: My turn

Player 2: The water tank
by santaklawze August 02, 2012
A prank where the prankster hits the gas just when the victim is about to hop in to the car. Usually repeated a few times. Victim ends up walking a distance before getting into the vehicle.
Driver (with the car on stand-by): "Is everyone in the car? Can we go"?
Passenger 1: "Hold up, Alex is coming"
Passenger 2: "We should totally hop-in-tease him"

Driver moves the car forward just when Alex is about to open the car door
Alex walks forward to the car
Driver moves the car forward again just when Alex is about to open the car door

Alex: okay I'm not getting in unless you back up to me
Driver: alrite, alrite, wont do it again, get in, we're getting late

Alex moves towards the car door and just when he reaches the door driver hits the gas again.

Alex: Ah F*** off
by santaklawze November 30, 2011

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