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Scooby Doo's comedic mispronunciation of "Uh Oh", it is also a play on potentially dire situations, usually starting with a minor event that could escalate into something huge.
North Korea just shelled a South Korean island? Ruh Roh!

There is a small leak from the dam? Ruh Roh!
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 23, 2010
The coolest Campolindo student ever. A big-titted porn star who smokes massive amount of pot.
I saw Penny Flame lick some gooch, and I had to touch myself.
by sanjuro_kurosawa March 07, 2008
SOCILISM (preferably capitalized) is a word on placards carried by unemployed Tea Baggers, who think having Universal Health Care like the rest of the Western World, is worse than having the freedom to allow private insurers decide if whether you living or dying is more profitable.

Also, it identifies a Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin fan, as well as a 7th grade reading level.

I don't want SOCILISM in my life. I prefer to drive on dirt roads and have no police.
by sanjuro_kurosawa September 23, 2010
Aubrey Huff's (San Francisco Giants baseball player) lucky red thong (for men).

Originally a gag gift from his wife, he wore it during the final months of the season, leading up to a World Series victory.

Really, it is a play on rally hats and the rally monkey.
OMG, the Giants are losing! We need put on our Rally Thongs right now!
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 08, 2010
Originally boss attack referred the final battle in video games against the toughest opponent in the game.

However, I also describe it when your work boss decides to make your life hard, like assigning work at 4pm on Friday.
Oh, oh, boss attack. Everyone look busy and maybe he won't tell us to rearrange the stockroom.
by sanjuro_kurosawa September 08, 2010
The Parish refers to St Bernard Parish, a poor and undereducated county just east of New Orleans.

Really, you have to say, "da Parish" in a half Brooklynese/half Southern accent, typical of yats around the area.
"Cher, I'm headed out ta the Parish for a Crawfish bewl before the Saints game"
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 11, 2013
Anyone on a moto could be a hooligan rider. It could be a stunter doing wheelies, a sport bike rider lane splitting at 100mph, or a bad ass Harley rider running the throttle at a light.

Really, any rider causing lots of trouble is a hooligan.
"OMG! That hooligan rider almost clipped the bumper of my Prius. Doesn't he know the speed limit is just 55 here?"

"I'm going out tonight and doing a bunch of stoppies and donuts. Fuck cars, I'm riding Hooligan".
by sanjuro_kurosawa January 19, 2011
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