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5 definitions by sandy assboy

the incredible sensation when an adjective fits perfectly in a sentence, and is so descriptive it is stimulating to all five senses.
person 1: that bacon is so mocha brown, and honey sauteed.
person 2: OOOH!!!!!!! pardon my orgasjective.

person 1: wow, that bike is really-
person 2: OOOOOHH!!!!! sorry, i orgasjectived too early :/
by sandy assboy August 03, 2010
R.U.S.T. acronym (Really Undeniable Serious Talk)

a term used when expressing agreement with other persons/objects/ideas
person 1: Let's go to the park and rave
person 2: rust.

person 1: I'm effing hungry bro, i'm down for some pizza hut.
person 2: rust.
by sandy assboy August 03, 2010
(pronounced fa-ful) or just fafl
Fat Ass For Life
To be fat. To be a F.A.F.L. can be a state of mind or being (or both).
"What a F.A.F.L.! He just ate the whole buffet!!!"
by sandy assboy March 11, 2009
wrestling with ones breasts. don't worry this isn't just for girls wink wink.
"Dude we're so gonna breastle tonight. I LOVE BREASTLING!"
by sandy assboy March 13, 2009
Someone who rapes animals. Hardcore. really hardcore.
"Did you see what that guy did to that squirrel?? what a hob knocker!"
by sandy assboy March 09, 2009