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Used as a negative adjective; most often used as a criticism to imply that something is not preferred.
The dog took a crap on the couch. That is not zesty.
by Sandy May 19, 2003
A person able to see the best and worst of everything.
Gerry, a postimist could always see both the positive and negative aspects of any situation. Sure, he'd just discovered his girlfriend in bed with his best friend, but at least he wouldn't have to listen to her Radiohead cds anymore.
by sandy June 11, 2004
To hit someone over the head.
I'm going to cosh you on the head.
by Sandy May 02, 2004
Literally, "Dragon Princess". A 69ft 4 and 3/4 inch long purple dragon, with plush-covered scales. Notorious punster, tapdancer, sock-knitter and kitten juggler. Mostly harmless.
The best cure for cold winter toes is a pair of socks hand-knit by azhreia
by Sandy August 28, 2003
A full body cast that is worn for a lifetime. Used in the event of a terrible accident or the lack thereof a skeletal structure.
Our uncle was in a clast after the motorcycle accident. Thanks to the clast, he lived a productive life.
by Sandy December 20, 2004
A database package that uses relationships between objects to create a structure. Displayed using icons as well as data screens. Created by a company called SDRC. Not bad but a bit outdated.
Used to control product data in a number of engineering companies.
by Sandy April 01, 2005
Straight hair, wear argyle, plaid, polo tees (collar up), lacoste, tiffanys jewelry, jcrew sweaters, own at least one designer item, dolce and gabbana sunglasses, burberry bag, prada, etc.
i don't know a state of dress?
by sandy April 03, 2004

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