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23 definitions by sandy

A Pittsburgh-ese term for a person who is being a real jerk!
He is such a jagoff when he answers the phone with, "Whaddaya want?".
by Sandy October 20, 2003
307 106
a punch or strike to the back of the neck. as in the way to put a rabbit out of its misery, with a strike to the back of the neck.
i walked up behind him and gave him a quick rabbit punch.
by sandy February 17, 2005
152 56
A God forsaken educational facilty
-Where are you?
-At school...
- That sucks, my prayers go to you.
by sandy April 18, 2004
56 9
a person with extreme sex appeal
"holy fuck! look at that girl, she's a fox!"
by Sandy February 26, 2005
49 22
Maaaaade from the beeeest stuuuff....
by sandy July 30, 2003
31 18
None of your business.
"How much money do you make?"

by sandy September 17, 2004
15 3
an illiterate white kid who don't know shit
jeff p from kohler awning is a fucking wigger
by sandy October 03, 2004
37 27