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Kismet is the belief that what will be will be; Kharma is the belief that what you do today determines what happens to you tomorrow.
Kismarma is the belief that no matter what you do you're fucked.
She stopped believing in Murphy's Law. That was for her parents. The new generation knows that kismarma rules. And yet she remains optimistic in an idiotic sort of way.
#screwed #sunk #defeated #toast #dead
by sanduski May 03, 2009
the act of using your forefinger to block one nostril while blowing forcefully through the other nostril to remove all kinds of crap that collects.
His parents were relentless in their efforts to make their son the ultimate outdoorsman. He just wanted to dance; the only thing that gave him satisfaction was blowing a cowboy hanky on every hike because it made his mother break out in a rash.
#nose #blow #phlegm #snot #booger
by sanduski June 10, 2009
The juicy and very descriptive passages of miscellaneous porn novels.
"My Mom wouldn't let me read "Lady Chatterley's Lover" so I borrowed the clit notes from a friend.
#erotic #sex #porn #steamy #aroused
by sanduski May 17, 2009
The catchall phrase used to describe an anomaly in physical behavior that is typically related to the aging process. Can also be applied to the thought process in certain individuals.
Honey, Mommy just can't get up as quickly as you do because she's got a hitch in the giddyup.
#arthritis #aging #stiffness #muscle #atrophy
by sanduski June 29, 2009
The condition of temporary insanity resulting from obsessive perusal of Yahoo Groups message boards.
Amy's lost her mind! All she wanted was access to various parenting techniques but got so tangled up in fear mongering on Yahoo Groups that she lost all perspective and found out there wasn't a single thing she was doing that would label her as a good parent. It would take years of therapy to rediscover that she was indeed a good parent and had simply been yahooed.
#yahoo #google #internet groups #message boards #insanity
by sanduski June 29, 2009
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