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Adjective describing someone from any gender, race, or ethnic background who possesses the ability to come out of a situation, often negative, in a positive manner; typically refers to one who lives a “ghetto” lifestyle or who has tendencies that can be described as “ghetto”.
Person 1: Dang Jamal, you picked those rims off a car at 2 pm on a Saturday in a full Wal-mart parking lot and done get away with it?
Person 2: Yeeeahh boiii I got dat ghetto magic!

Person 1: You got three baby mama's and not paid child support in 16 months? And none of dem is even askin?
Person2: Yeah man, ghetto magic must be on my side!!!
by SandiGina March 10, 2009
Adjective describing a female who is not pregnant.
OMG I took like the 7th pregnancy test and it is still coming back negative. Can i stop worrying?

Yeah girl! you nego preggo fuh sho'!!!!!
by sandigina July 09, 2009

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