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1. pussy that is of non muslim descent.
2. white bitches
3. any pussy that is haram.
1. yo, i hit this ill infidel pussy last night, ya don't know how crazy that shit was.
2. Yo joji twisted some dime ass infidel pussy last night. That nigga is a lebanese pussy tamer.
3. Son, don't be hittin no infidel pussy without no rubbers, that shit ain't halal
by sand_nigga January 23, 2005
1. The finest quality pussy juice on scientific record.
2. The cleanest, most sterile specimen of drippings I've ever tasted. Originates from halal pussy.
1. Damn son, forget crunk juice, i got me some halal pussy juice.
2. YO, that bitch was drippin left and right last night. That shit was straight up HALAL. Fuck the cris, pop the halal pussy.
by sand_nigga January 23, 2005
1. Any REAL pussy.
2. Any non-haram virgin muslim pussy.
3. Any clean, non-aids infested, with rose petals and shit, sterile pussy.
1. Yo, that shit was some halal pussy son.
2. Yo, that bitch is straight up some halal pussy son. Shit was wirgin tight.
3. I fucked some bitch last night that was some halal pussy. Word.
by sand_nigga January 23, 2005
1. That's that arab nigga that tames all them infidel pussies.
2. One who is of arab descent who makes infidel pussies drip by taking his arabconda out.
Yo, Joji101 is straight up one of them motherfuckin lebanese pussy tamers, son!
by sand_nigga January 23, 2005

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