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3 definitions by sana the slug

an annoying person who jars your head in like a door nob being rammed into your head repetedly...again.....and again...and again.
ealah:why, i have freedom of speech, and the right to say whateva i want wen i want!!!
me:u r such a jar, bugger off.
by sana the slug July 09, 2005
marks & spencers, commonly said as m&s. well flip it over and its s&m. used when u r in a public place and r tlking about an s&m dude or dudette and wish for them not to know what u r tlking about.
(wierdo pervert s&m bloke Sherman enters the room)
'hey lindsay, i herd sherman is on the marks & spencers flipside...'
'no way! or maybe...'
by sana the slug July 30, 2005
a completely retarded and fucked up person who is quite cool in a weird way, just because they are fucked up and retarded!
me:who's that reatrded guy shitting his pants?
bal:he looks totally fucke dup.
me:that is soooooo cool....
bal:he is fucktarded
by sana the slug July 10, 2005