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An oversized vagina due to lots of sex.
Shut up you bucket minged slag!
She's got a bucket!
by Samwell March 25, 2005
Acronym for 'very very'.
1) I was vv pleased with the t shirt from ebay.

2) I would be vv much appreciative if you'd fuck off.
by Samwell June 01, 2005
Free Jazz is an avant-garde sub-genre of jazz. This is jazz but with no strict structure or rules. The music is very improvised and is characterised by very random drumming, very improvisational.
Bob: That drummer's crap, he's hardly got rythm to be fair.

Dave: No, dude, this is free jazz, anything goes.
by Samwell September 13, 2005
basically it is the height of the grimnicity.
This sausage roll is grime factor 5
by Samwell March 30, 2005
someone who is rather large in bodily proportion. They would have little trouble in kicking some anus !
'That bluddy woman at the customs in Canada was a right bruiser, did u see the fucking size of her !!'
by Samwell April 29, 2005
First used by a genuine tosser, The Rock from the old WWF, a jabronee is just a stupid, obnoxious person. See also: twat, tosser. Used as a non-offensive offensive term.
Get out the way your fucking jabronee!
You big jabronee!
by Samwell March 25, 2005
Chavwegian is either:

1)The language that chavs speak


2)A chav in general
1) He's turning into a chav. He evens speaks chavwegian.

2) Fuck off you little chavwegian!
by Samwell April 12, 2005
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