2 definitions by samsayton

1) the erection, often unwanted and unintentional, that a man has while spooning with another female

2) the erection that results from spooning furiously
Her: "So I was spooning with Tom in bed last night and I all I could feel was his raging spooner poking me in the back!"

Friend: "Eww...Grosss!"
by samsayton March 18, 2011
1) The act of intense spooning, whether platonic or not, possibly leading up to sex. Often referred to in the context where sex does not eventuate, leading to disappointment for one or both parties.
Her: "I was spooning furiously with Tom last night and he never fucking made any moves on me. I know he wanted to because I could feel his raging spooner through his pants."

Her: "I can't believe we didn't have sex last night. I was spooning furiously with this guy for an hour before I got bored and fell asleep."
by samsayton March 18, 2011

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