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A bar crawl style group drinking adventure in which the group dresses in native american garments (buckskin, feathers and war paint) and a group "leader" dresses as Andrew Jackson in a military uniform. The leader is charged with picking the route and stops along the crawl and forcing the group to leave at random before they have finished their fire water at each watering hole. The bars along the route have to gradually decline in quality of the service and classiness of their patrons. Participants who black/pass out along the way are stripped of their belongings by the rest of the group and left behind. If any natives find a way to trade for and/or steal enough clothing along the trail to become "civilized," they are allowed to help Jackson lead the crawl and can take drinks at random from the natives.
Steve got left behind on our trail of beers last night, they found him half naked in the urinal trough at the Shadium Inn covered in piss and war paint.
by sammietwoton June 22, 2012

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