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Old timer's vernacular, used to express disbelief or disagreement. You can also use it to say "no" to someone named Jose.
Nancy: Fred, I'm pregnant.
Fred: No way, Jose!

Jose: Dude, can I borrow ten bucks?
Mike: No way, Jose.
by sammabanana August 19, 2007
Used to describe an increase in income when one's pockets are swollen with extra cash.
Bill: Ever since this promotion my pockets on swoll.
Ted: Gotta get that cash money.

50 Cent: Pockets on swoll cuz I move the o's.
by sammabanana August 19, 2007
Semen or alcohol, depending on which you like better.
Jenny had to have her stomach pumped for joy juice.
by Sammabanana September 15, 2008
A phrase used to describe the awkward moment which ensues after someone you know to be a douche bag says or does something to embarrass themselves. Works best when said in a sort of melody with the "douche" staccato and the "chill" legato.
Girl 1: Sarah's been absent from school a lot lately.
Girl 2: I know! She's absent like ten days a week!
Girl 1: Douche chill...
by sammabanana August 10, 2007

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