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A person whose facial features are so foul that you have been scarred for life by the extremity of their face. Or some one who is completely retarded in the extreme.
A jehovah walks onto my lawn. I would reply gtfo my lawn you fucking munter. he would probably reply: There is no need for these words. To which my response would be: Fuck off you stupid fucking cunt. I dont like you being on my lawn GTFO it and die in a car accident because no one likes you you larry.
by sam morrissey March 25, 2008
an online multiplayer game term used to describe someone who is more than a normal nub. They manage to overdo what millions of other nubs do by being either a.) seriously bad at the game or b.) come up with by far the most ridiculous explanations/questions.
Charlie2212 is in a player vs player area. He is level 10. He then says to a level 70 player that he is able to kill them in one hit. When in actual fact the statement should be reveresed as charlie2212 can be killed by the other player 1 hit. Therefore Charlie is a nublord.
by sam morrissey March 22, 2008
the process of moving from anything other than a nub to being a nub. Generally used when someone becomes a nublord, because that is more hated than normal nubs.
Craig just said he fall of the map. WTF is he on drugs?
He has just been nubified.
by sam morrissey March 25, 2008

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