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2 definitions by sam fok

The best city in the world to live in.

Canada was rated the best country to live in by the UN many times.

Peel Region is rated the best region in all of Canada to live in.

Mississauga is the best city in Peel Region, ergo, the best city in the world.
Mississauga is a nice place to live, not to exciting, but nice.
by sam fok February 18, 2005
An unfortunate asian last name that, although common in China, is laughed by English speaking mofos because of its resemblence to the work fuck. However, because the Fok people have endured the name calling all their childhood and early adulthood, it makes them all down to earth cool people. Biatch.
Sam Fok is so awesome I want to have his babies.
by sam fok February 18, 2005