2 definitions by salvadere

crackamole` is a green growth, similar in texture and consistency to guacamole`, that occurs on a docket skank or crackwhore as a result of extremely poor personal hygiene.

Eric: "omg Bruce! did you see that green shit on that cum dumpster!"

Bruce: "yeah man! it was fucking rank. she must have like crackamole` or something. that shit was so chunky!"

Eric: "gahh! that didnt improve the taste of her ham sandwhich at all! it was like eating a rotten fish taco with california cheese dip
by salvadere September 11, 2007
the check out chick who writes out her name and number on your shopping docket
John: "did you see that checkout chick?"

James: "yeah man, she gave you her number"

John: "i know. fucken docket skank!"
by salvadere September 11, 2007

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