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N. A generous, fuzzy god, known for its mysterious and glorious golden booty. A King James is one cheap ass motherfucker and will most likely be spotted frolicking with its nugget (a stout angry and smelly creature that likes to tag along). A King James enjoys a good beer and schnaz. Never fuck with a King James.
Sniff sniff...I smell a booty. Can it be? Is it a king James?

I love my king James!!
by salt lake cindy October 19, 2013
N. A pimpin' Panda usually spotted wearing ninja pants and shiny shoes. Yuxis tend to nest in flushing basements and require large amounts of fried chicken daily. Yuxis can be very dangerous and are known for their participation in mob activities.
Can I get some KFC? I need to feed my Yuxi.

Dude, do not mess with him. Yuxis will fuck you up.
by salt lake cindy October 19, 2013
N. A person in a state of horniness derived from mass consumption of oysters. From the English "Horny" (a feeling of randy-ness) and "Oyster " (a slimy muscle of the see). The term was coined by 3 ballers at Oyster Fest 2013.
Dude, I ate so many oysters, I'm such a hoyster.

Dude, you wanna shuck some hoysters tonight?
by salt lake cindy October 19, 2013

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