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12 definitions by salr

2 days after 420, and 1 day after 421
its a day where some are burned from the afterpartys at 421, and some still havnt finished the huge joint from 420
yo man, dis joint wont ever be done. i think this 420 weed is gona last until 427, or at least 422.
by salr March 08, 2006
9 24
A physical condition characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep while watching the Olympics, due to boredom and/or apathy.
Person 1: I don't like the Olympics because it just seems like its the modern day equivalent to a war cry for ones country, except the bloodshed is miles away.

Person 2: I don't like it because I tend to get Olympic Narcolepsy.
by salr February 22, 2010
20 41
this is the slang for "them"
ya guna grab dum snuk boi?
by salr June 22, 2007
9 30
A black market for white ppl.
i gota head down to the gray market, cya.
by salr March 23, 2006
7 40
to meet up at an unusual spot
yo, post up at the mcdonlds on lawrence
by salr March 08, 2006
13 46