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A being that is bigger than jeasus/god. IS the all time king which everyone should bow to. One of a kind person that everyone wishes they were. Usually picks up more than one women at a time. Difinition of a chick magnet.
Did you see that guy with all those hot bitches he is so sheldawg

Were you at julians party. Julian was such a sheldawg that night he got laid 3 times.
by salomon-skier91 January 15, 2009
To be gayer then gay. The process of male on male penetration. To be very frail wristed. a person that should wear wrist guards
Did u see the movie broke back mountain that was so Mcguire.

Frank looked at steve in a very Mcguire manner.

did u see that guy kiss that other guy that was so Mcguire.
by salomon-skier91 January 16, 2009

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