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When both of a girls buttcheeks are hanging or "sneaking" out of her shorts.
In Florida, all of the common girls on the street have double-cheek sneaks.
by salohcin July 21, 2013
Post-cum depression commonly referred to as PCD is the feeling of remorse the morning after fucking an unattractive girl or doing something regretable with a girl the night before.

Antonym: see post-cum blessing
Jim: "Dude I was wasted last night and I fucked this girl."
Tom: "Nice, how was it?"
Jim: "No man, its not like that. I have PCD."
Tom: "What? Post-cum depression? Why?"
Jim: "I think she put something in my butt..."
Tom: "Oh man. I'm really sorry."
by salohcin March 24, 2014
n. a woman's pubes; pubic hair on a female.
a woman's bush
may also be used to refer to a woman's twat
She trims her belly beard to keep it nice and neat.
by Salohcin February 14, 2006

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