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1. To wast time or take your time.
Don't diddle daddle, we have to go now!
I figured we'ld just diddle daddle around the shopping mall to waste time.
#slow #time #waste #diddle #irresponcible #relax
by salie-cmt December 22, 2008
1.To create a hero persona out of ones self, a friend or a family member through the publication of fictionalized events via the printed word or online publications. These may be personal websites, public blogs or urban dictionaries.
2.To record personal history in digital databases or through self publication in order to create a grandiose historical account of ones identity or the identity of family or friends.
3. To embellish reality or create a false persona of self, friends or family meant to impress others.
Her attempt at herofication in her online resume was obvious.
#hero #history #embellish #self #fiction
by salie-cmt December 18, 2008
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