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By definition, to "Anders" something is to tell a customer that item(s) have been ordered per the customer's request, when they have in fact not been ordered.

This typically is discovered by a sales rep covering for Mr. Anders three days after the initial "order" has been placed.
Sales Rep: (answering an incoming call) Good afternoon, how may I help you?

Customer: Hey, can I get an update on the order I asked Mr. Anders to process three days ago?

Sales Rep: No problem! Let me take a look for you. (long pause) um...it looks like that order has been Andersed.

Customer: What does that mean?

Sales Rep: It means Mr. Anders told you that the order was placed, when in actuality he didn't place the order.

Customer: Well thats annoying!

Sales Rep: Yes, yes it is...
by sales team January 31, 2011

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