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2 definitions by sal lover

an upcoming album by hip hop artist dr. dre rumored to be so epic that its said to be hip-hop's finest album.

unfortunately its been hinted to have somewhere between 10-14 tracks meaning dre spent roughly 9 months per track, which is more than most motion pictures, hence the endless wait.
many clues point to a December 22, 2012 release date..good luck getting a hold of one!
man 1: i want my detox copy mang!
man 2: wow you really want that CD huh
man 1: are you kidding? i would step over my own mother for it!
man 2: looks like you'll have to, cuz it comes out 12-22-2012
man 1: move over maw!
by sal lover December 17, 2009
A. a more specific (non-official) title of dr. dre's masterpiece hip-hop album. occasionally people will mix up The Chronic and Chronic 2001. to avoid this confusion simply use the latter.

B. considered by many as the pinnacle of all hip-hop albums because of its production and its all-star list of featured guests. simply put; it was made by the best, with the best, and therefore one of the greatest rap efforts of all time.
A. girl : eyy what CD is this? the chronic??

guy: nah trick! know your history its called chronic 2001!!!

girl : shit, sorry

guy: you ask me everyday so just remember it!

girl : i was just confused thats all

B. fan 1 : got new system in my car, lets blast it!

fan 2 : word lets see what she's got.
fan 1 inserts CD into player

fan 1 : yeaa yeaa young weezy boii go hard on diz track!!
fan 2 smacks fan 1 and throws CD out the window. fan 2 proceeds to insert chronic 2001. they lock eyes and nod in accordance.
by sal lover December 17, 2009