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When a friend plays the destraction. (I.E.~you and your bud are at a bar, you spot a hott girl that you want to know. Your friend goes to the other one and destracts her, while you go in for the kill.)
Dave, my wingman, helped me talk to that hott chick over there.
by Sal March 20, 2004
meaning to go over "there" but in a slangish way or when typing simply just too lazy to type it
hey fapman look over der
by sal June 16, 2006
take a chick to the beach...wax up your surfboard and rail some hooker...right before your about to bust your hot sauce, slide her off the board and tell her to close her eyes for a nice suprise...pick up the surfboard and WHAMMO!!! crack right across the chest with it...then blow your load in her eyes...ben stein then runs on the beach and says "clear eyes...WOOOOOW!"
who the fuck cares...this is just hypothetical shit
by sal February 10, 2004
this is just a person that is a load that should have been swallowed and is busted as sin
the most annoying fuckin doosh bags on this planet is a prime example of a rhino's cum blast
by sal February 03, 2004
this is for the super duper cuntblasting whore bags that will at the drop of a pin whip out your trouser snake and start yanking for some cream for her coffee! SPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! right in her occular cavities!!!
look at the fuckin pud puller! extra cream for ya BITCH!
by SAL February 19, 2004
Joshi Hilton a.k.a Jelly man. Just check out the last name...need we say anymore???
Jelly man is often found at bus stops looking like a sexy beast with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants very low.
He has been known to cause riots amoungst girls, usually about who wants to shag him first.
Dude, just check out the last name...Hilton... He may not be related to Paris, but makes a decent sex tape none the less.
by sal April 20, 2005
When a chineese (chink) and japaneese (aneese) have a kid...It becomes Chinkaneese.
Stupid chinkaneese, can't even drive!
by Sal March 10, 2004

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