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Label put on products that men will highly enjoy.
woohoo, XXX-LT Lariat F-150! The one with the porno music horn that runs on whiskey!
by Sal November 19, 2003
Slang for gay buttsex
I caught Cronic and Zen behind the barn having some orteus.
by Sal August 22, 2003
the trip n' sip...stumbling around after sippin...i dont know how bout 24 beers and a jack and coke...then you proceed to bang some chick in her most notorious of body cavities and blow your load all over her fuckin face...then you give her one of those loopy crazy straws to slurp your manspunk off her face!!! mmmm tastes like vanilla! w/ salt BITCH!
im sure you all know some trip n' sip wench
by sal February 09, 2004
a person that pisses u off to no extent and should be hung by their fuckin taint!
most and foremost managerial people are a primary target to get cock sorcerer status!
by sal February 03, 2004
the leader of all assholes!!
nyran is the king of all the ass prophets!
by sal February 03, 2004
1337 in its pure form. The pwner of the entire internet and possibly the world. Could own a small miniscule member with no effort.

Also see people who can walk on water

Shifty, spit on me please, I'll sell it on eBay.

Shifty, will you marry me?
by Sal July 20, 2004
The toilet and/or the entire human fecal system.

Called the underground railroad because "black shit escapes."
Goddamnit, I better go visit the underground railroad.
by sal May 18, 2004

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