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A middle school located on 93rd Ave. for grades 5-8 located in the North-Eastern area of Saint John, IN. The school feeds into Lake Central High School. Almost all of the students at Clark are Caucasian, with some Latinas and a few African-Americans. The kids that attend this school mostly come from upper-middle class families that live in respectable homes in safe neighborhoods. The typical male Clark student will go to their sports team practices and work hard, then come home and spend the rest of their time playing xbox/ps3 with their friends online. The males at Clark are overall pretty easy-going, but can be pretty try-hard at athletics. The typical female student at Clark has her group of friends, and they're really close. At lunch, each grade eats together and tables represent groups of friends; you won't be allowed to walk over and sit at any table you want if it's occupied. Minor drugs have been a problem at Clark since its beginnings, with the most recent bust occurring in March of 2011. Fights rarely occur, and when they do, they last for a total of about 10 seconds from the time the first punch is thrown (which more often than not misses). This is a result of the somewhat robot-like strictness that the administration runs the school. Overall, if you have a solid group of friends, it's an alright place to go to school. Not much changes or ever happens for that matter, but many would view that as a plus.
Kid 1: "Clark Middle School is soooo boring"
Kid 2: "Yeah, but things are only gonna get worse in high school"
Kid 1: "I know, but I need a change man"

One advantage of going to a relatively new school is that the track and field records are much easier to beat than at older schools

Grimmer Kid: "Hey, what school to you go to?"
Clark Kid: "Clark"
Grimmer Kid: "Oh yeah, weren't you the best player on my baseball team last year?"

Clark is a school where nothing changes
by saintjohn12 July 23, 2012

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