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A pervert, but he's somehow very sweet and unoffending about it (most of the time) besides the fact he looks like a little boy and is mostly the same age as most of the women he "torments". (I hate old perverts >.<) He also allows the women he gropes and asks evil questions to to hit him, instead of running off before they can. I find that makes his character very loveable, because if some random guy came and groped me, I would certainly like a chance to smack him into the dirt. XD
He can also be very sweet to Sango, and very understanding. He's usaully polite, and though he's a cheater and steals, as far as I know, he doesn't do it to people who can't afford to be stolen from.
Not to mention his Wind Tunnel and his whole story. I find his backround very interesting and unusaul. I also like his fighting style (yeah, whack those bugs!). He also hides so much behind his mask...so it's very fun to try thinking of what happened in his past, and how he feels about the Wind Tunnel and everything, since he never lets us know
"stay back, I'm going to use my dark hole"
by Saga September 04, 2004
The event that takes place after a jog. Whichever event it may be, sitting on a curb, walking around, or eating a yummy sandwich. One may only attend an afterjog if he/she attended the jog, or it is not technically an afterjog.

Afterjog was a word made up by a teenage boy named peter when he was cross about not being invited to "hang out" at someone's house. The event took place after a jog he was not invited on because he is slow...like...really...slow. He asked, "...why wasn't I invited to the afterjog?"
We laughed and made this a thing
The End.
"Why wasn't I invited to the afterjog?" ~Peter
by saga February 22, 2013

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