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Yaganoopu is a type of soup with Pikachu feces sprinkled with caterpillar piss; the only living creatures that are able to eat this soup without developing acute violent emesis are Sour Patch Kids.
"Do not touch the yaganoopu soup. You will develop testicles on your forehead that will protrude in a very disgusting way."
#poop #pee #soup #booty #butt #kim kardashian #pikachu #feces #caterpillar
by sadie007 September 09, 2011
This generally means that you need to take a really ginormous shit; it could also mean that you feel a shit coming on because your butthole is hot; another meaning is that you think you might just possibly poop or fart in someone's face unexpectedly.
"Dude, I feel a snorgum in my tummy."

"This snorgum is going to smell really bad."

#poop #fart #face #snorgum #hot #butthole
by Sadie007 September 09, 2011
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