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A word (noun)that defines a stupid person, used by young people, usu.
"hey, look at that guy over there. He's a twollop!"
by Sadie January 03, 2005
Originally black Africans of the Kikuyu tribe involved in an insurgency against white colonists in Kenya. More recently, used as a racial slur against persons of African descent.
Listen mau mau, you had best get these dishes washed right now or I'm going to fire your ass!
by Sadie November 05, 2003
(origin un-known) a word or sound, usu. used in northern parts of england, usu to mean yes. Or, is often used to show indignance, usu. wil an 'aw' sound before it.
1) "are we going to the beach today?" "wellaye"
2)"hey, you, you're an idiot!" (see twollop) "aw, wellaye!"
by Sadie May 06, 2005
1. The drummer from Greenday
2. Major European slang for something that is beyond cool.
1. "I heard Tre Cool Is Davey Havok's bitch"
2. "That movie last night was tre cool"
by Sadie March 16, 2005
To be asked when someone is wearing a rather smashing pair of new shoes. Can also be used for anything new if the fancy takes you. The word can be dragged out for longer if the shoes are especially lovely
Hello lurpak... nuuuuuushoooooooos????
by sadie May 01, 2003
To be used as a description for any un necessary action/outfit/event/noise/smell etc
You see a large person in clothes two sizes too small "NONEEED!!!"

It is windy and you cant light your fag - "NONEEED!!!"

The useless waster in McDonalds has just dropped your chips - "NONEEED"
by sadie May 01, 2003
mexican-girlswhodyetheirhairdarker slang for an african slut queen.
OOh did u see Starbeesha today? She is such a heater. I'm totally gonna tap dat
by Sadie December 11, 2004

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