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1. What a woman will say in retrospect to describe a man she never would have noticed had her girlfriend not pointed him out, is not attracted to and doesn't care to remember.

2. Word used to pacify someone making an unreasonable or irritating demand.
1. "How about you go to the wedding with my brother, Harry? You remember Harry, right?"
"Harry?" *struggles to recall his mediocre features and mini-gut* "He's....okay. But not exactly who I had in mind."

2. "You're going to clean out the garage today, right hun?"
*doesn't look up from videogame* "Okay Mom."
by sadbuttrue September 23, 2004
UVA - Uppity Virgin Asylum (none of you are ever getting laid unless its by accident)

A school full of cookie-cut preps who are taught by teachers that somehow they'll all rule the world. The majority of white males there are issued clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch along with penis enlargers and a How-To book on fitting in, while all other races there try to emulate them. Fraternities consist of burnt out alcoholics trying to have sex with ugly girls, all the time touting their future as rich economists who will ultimately come to embrace the idea of suicide when they realize money can't buy friends and families. Most of all, as the other definition entries attest to, UVA students spend the rest of their lives trying to validate their pitiful snotty existences by downing the other well-known Virginia schools that actually have students with intelligence, personalities, and humility.
(Please note: Asian prep males at UVA are the most pathetic people on earth. Please let them know that expensive clothes and cars do NOT make you better in bed, nor do they increase penis size. You are JOKES.)
Just look around for the people with their noses in the air. No worries, they'll develop back problems later in life.
by SadButTrue March 24, 2005
A subgroup of persons who fail to recognize that human beings established themselves at the top of the food chain eons ago. They also seem to enjoy incurring the wrath of rare vitamin deficiences.
Vegetarians are the most likely people on Earth to lack vitamin B12.
by sadbuttrue September 25, 2004

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