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26 definitions by sacz69

one who has greasy forehead, usally gross
Sacz-your such a grease

Tammy- shut up sacz
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
another word for needle dick
dude you can put your millikan in a pencil sharpener
by sacz69 January 29, 2008
the act of giving a random ass massage to someone, much like george bush does to some lady(hinting the name george bush massage) more commonly refferred as just the 'George Bush"
I gave that chick a George Bush massage
by sacz69 February 02, 2008
one who kills you in halo after a recent battle between you and another player, killing you after you have been weaked by the other player, doing it excessively
sage stop pulling off a princess you fucking cheater
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
something is soo big or abnormally big it would look like it was shouting steroids
dude your house is on roids
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
getting drunk with friends, getting really wasted, getting so wasted you don't remember a thing
neeko how faded did u get last night
by sacz69 January 26, 2008
something you like so much its almost gay, the act of liking something excessivly
you have gay love for Adam Sandler
by sacz69 January 11, 2008