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An untalented tattoo artist. A tattoo artist who scratches up your skin rather than applying a clean smooth looking tattoo.
Mannn those cats at body tattoo are scratchers.
by sacred357 December 12, 2003
A form of music related to the punk and early skinhead movements within london.The term is now coined by mostly suburban wanna be punks and skins, who purchase reissued oi! records at the local mall and on the internet.The average oi! fan circa post 2000 is a mockery of the original movement and without understanding of its origin or true meaning.
That kid had long hair and a nirvana t shirt on yesterday ,now he shaved his head,bought some doc martins and is sc reaming oi!
by sacred357 December 08, 2003
When a beutiful,sexy,hot, girl dates a complety lame,dorky and stupid looking guy.
When a lame,dorky stupid looking dude scores a girl well beyond his caliber.
man did you see those two? that chics fine and hes a tool...man now thats a perfect example of the scales of misjustice!!!
by sacred357 December 12, 2003
A music genre and scene derived from the hardcore punk movement. This wishy washy form of music and its trendy pseudo cool fans immerse them selves in misery and despair to generate the image of a deep feeling,deep thinking individual, when in fact they are just dumb rich kids looking for attenttion.
Emo kids dont just look like dorks, they are dorks.
by sacred357 December 12, 2003
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