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13 definitions by sac

To add leetness to a word
sleepz0r, ownedz0r, dealtz0r, pwnz0r
by SaC September 07, 2004
When fat people go skinny dipping!
Last night Chris, Amber, and Amy went chunky dunking in Uncle Chewy's hot tub but got kicked out when Uncle Chewy brought back a couple prospects to go Chumura on.
by Sac April 11, 2005
To slap your dick on a chick's forehead.
After cumming all over her face, I donked that bitch on her forehead!
by Sac December 17, 2006
To get under aged chicks to get in your hot tub with you!
That sick bastard got Beth, Kate, and Ashley to chmura with him.
by Sac April 11, 2005
french cannabis
monsieur, pass me ze 'erb
by sac March 20, 2004
fluid from one's balls
why's there bollock yogurt on the floor?
by sac March 20, 2004
like a badonkadonk, only with a nice rack.
Damn, jenifer Aniston has a nice daboinkaboink
by sac April 28, 2004