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28 definitions by sabrina

One who is down with it. (dag,yo.)
Nathan is the king of pimps, my friend.
by sabrina August 14, 2003
sum 1 who fucks alot niggas with out no1 knowin
Yo that bith is a shy slut; I just found out nikki is a Shy Slut
by Sabrina November 27, 2003
Someone who is realli stupid
YOU are such a blondie!!!
by Sabrina October 31, 2004
The freak of all freaks. He has no talent at all; so he steals people's songs.
see: freak, goth and faggot.
by SABRINA March 02, 2005
1. someone who does/says something stupid
2. can be used instead of "tool", "nerd", "dork", etc.
steve was such a tuna last night! he lost his footing on the stairs and fell flat on his a**.
by sabrina April 01, 2004
the word students may use becuase the factity at there high school are hearding them like cows from one class to another.
MOO- we dont want to go!!
by sabrina October 08, 2003
Noun. A term to describe the feeling that is "being high" or "stoned", the reaction to smoking marijuana
Verb. Getting twitterpated or twitterpating is the act of "getting high" or smoking marijuana. Twitterpate
N. "That bong got me twitterpated in one hit!" or "Lets get twitterpated
V. "I'm going over to John's to right now to twitterpate with him."
by Sabrina March 03, 2005