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To correct the people above me, there's no such thing as a true brown race! Anybody from any race can have brown skin. People from South Asia however (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) are commonly referred to as brown people, and do consider themselves the real brown race.
For all y'all out there, brown is not a race, so stop identifying it as one, its a skin color!
by Sabrina February 28, 2005
A troger is when a person is so ugly, they are a mix between a troll and an ogre.
"Look at that girls face! What a trogre!"
by Sabrina January 15, 2005
used when preparing to explain or tell a story
"so boom right, we was up the block and shyt and them chics was like..."
by Sabrina October 24, 2004
The attractive geek, this is a geek in all of his geekdom, making him ever so much more attractive because he is a geek. Only geek lovers can truly appreciate the intricacies of the geekbeaut.
"Oh my god Becky look at the geekbeaut and his palm pilot, he is so hot." - Geek Lover
by Sabrina April 19, 2004
Challenges in one's life far greater than your standard issues.
They're getting a divorce due to isues.

She's psycho - she has isues.
by sabrina November 21, 2003
we need some weed up in this joint!
by Sabrina October 09, 2003
a word expressed when there is nothing else to say or when one cannot think of anything else to say
Sabrina: "So... lets discuss our relationship"
by Sabrina April 02, 2005

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