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28 definitions by sabrina

constin talking. excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness
You know when the tearchers have logrrhea when they start giving daily lectures!!
by sabrina October 08, 2003
A troger is when a person is so ugly, they are a mix between a troll and an ogre.
"Look at that girls face! What a trogre!"
by Sabrina January 15, 2005
The attractive geek, this is a geek in all of his geekdom, making him ever so much more attractive because he is a geek. Only geek lovers can truly appreciate the intricacies of the geekbeaut.
"Oh my god Becky look at the geekbeaut and his palm pilot, he is so hot." - Geek Lover
by Sabrina April 19, 2004
Challenges in one's life far greater than your standard issues.
They're getting a divorce due to isues.

She's psycho - she has isues.
by sabrina November 21, 2003
we need some weed up in this joint!
by Sabrina October 09, 2003
a word expressed when there is nothing else to say or when one cannot think of anything else to say
Sabrina: "So... lets discuss our relationship"
by Sabrina April 02, 2005
1. meaning very happy and hyper
How are you today?
I am very rinkjinkly today.
by Sabrina October 31, 2004