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Real Name: Curtis James Jackson III
Birthdate:July 1, 1976
The tightest rapper that you will ever listen to. He grew up in Jamica Queens, NY. His mother died when he was three years old. He then became a drug dealer to make money in the streets. He Is the founder of G-Unit and the first man. He has had two albms: Get Rich Or Die Try'in and The Massacre. He had a movie in 2006 called Get Rich Or Die Tryin. He has sold over 21 Million Albums world wide. He also has a video game game called 50 Cent BulletProof. 50 has made a music video for all of the songs on the Album The Massacre.
SG: 50 Cent is the best rapper in the whole wide world!!
KIllA: CHEA! U know it SG!! Iight he super tight!
by sabes Shannon Sabes March 28, 2007

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