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when a two persons are spooning (naked) and the guy inserts his member into her rectum and leaves it there to continue spooning, untill it gets limp and it falls out( this would be the butterfly leaving the cacoon)
G and cole were spooning and G fell alseep, and cole got a raging boner, but as not to disturb the sleeping G he gave her a cacoon to avoid the awakening of G
by sab dad June 19, 2004
when a girl proceeds to give a guy head, he slaps her head much like a mosquito, this causes her to bite down on his wang and makes it bleed and then she slurps it up.
down in houston, mat trenchard recieved a mosquito bite.
by sab dad June 19, 2004
when a guy is preforming anal intercourse and when he pulls out his wiener a poop nugget falls out (resembling after birth).
lisa has beared a child many a time.
by sab dad June 19, 2004

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