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A girl and a guy who both have someone, but are lovers secretly, yes they are friends but also lovers. They don't have to have anyone either if they are friends who mess around, they are condsidered bestfriends too.

guy one: hey dude whats up (on the phone)
guy 2: nothin' whats up wit you
guy 1: I'm chillin' wit my Best friend
guy 2: who mike?
guy 1: Naw Ebony
guy 2: ooooooooow
guy 1: yeah man we about kick it and do what we do at the crib.
guy 2: yo man that's crazy, dag you usin her
guy 1: Usin' her? I'm not usin' her we bestfriends that's what a female/male Best friends do, stupid, we lovers and friends it's the same thing just closer.
guy 2: aight homie
guy 1:aight
by saahny December 07, 2005

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